Birdseye Maple wood is strong and hard like regular maple, but has an intricate pattern in the grain that resembles birds eyes. This pattern is quite rare and unique — no two pieces of birdseye maple are the same.

Red Birch is a highly desirable heart wood of the Yellow Birch tree is as uniform and fine grained as Yellow Birch Wood, yet it's color is a distinctive reddish-brown. Since the width of the heart wood can vary enormously, furniture from Red Birch heart wood boards is more rare than Yellow Birch wood furniture. Red Birch is moderately heavy, strong and hard.

Flame Birch is one of the most lovely and desirable forms of Birch. Flame Birch wood has distinctive figure in the wood that resembles tounges of flame. It is highly decorative, with a creamy yellow color that has a unique luster. Like all Birch, it is moderately heavy. It is also stong, hard, and durable.